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Do you do customs?

    I currently do not do customs apart from the items in my shop that are customizable. I do not do custom shirts, decals, stickers, etc. Some items in my shop that are customizable are the round acrylic keychains and the faux leather wristlets.

    When do I get my order?

    If you are purchasing a "Made To Order" shirt, I ask for a processing time indicated on the item description. This is because, once I receive your order for the Made to Order item, I have to place an order with the wholesaler for the blank item, then I have to wait for it to get to me so I can make it and ship it. 
    Please be aware that processing time is not the same as shipping time. My processing time for made to order items is 7-10 business days. My processing time for ready to ship items is 5-7 business days. The shipping time depends on the postal service as soon as I mail it off. Please check your tracking numbers.


    What size shirt should I get?

    Brands for shirts I use vary but they are all UNISEX sized. I carry: Gildan, Bella Canvas, and Comfort Colors shirts. Due to their unisex sizing, I do recommend sizing down from your usual size unless you are okay with the baggy feel of clothes. Unisex shirts run rather loose fitting and large.

    On the item listing, swipe through the photos and you should come to a sizing chart. You can also find the size charts in the footer menu of the website. 

    Can I wash my cups/mugs?

    Yes! You absolutely CAN wash your cup/mug, HOWEVER, there are certain ways you should wash them to ensure their designs last! Most of MY glass cups and mugs are made with permanent vinyl. That means they could come off if not handled correctly.

    I recommend HAND WASHING them only and if you like, take a bottle brush to clean the insides! The cups and mugs are NOT dishwasher or microwave proof unless the description says otherwise. Please read the description before purchasing. Please do not freeze or soak them as well.

    All cups/mugs come with a small care instruction card.

    Do you have wash instructions for your apparel?

    Each order that contains apparel should come with a small care instruction card. I recommend that the shirts be turned inside out before wash. Machine wash cold. Please do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean or iron. Ironing the design area, may cause the iron-on design to melt or peel. Tumble dry at low heat.

    Are your stickers waterproof?

    Yes! Stickers are made with high quality weatherproof sticker paper and sealed with a matte layer to make them water and scratch proof. In any case, there are ways you can care for your stickers to help them retain their quality.
    Stickers stick better when the area you're sticking them on has been cleaned before application. 

    The stickers are only weather and waterproof. THEY ARE NOT DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE SAFE. If stickers are placed on items like cups or bottles that get washed, please hand wash only. 

    Do you offer wholesale?

    I do not offer wholesale currently. I do plan to in the future, however. 

    What is your shipping policy? Do you ship internationally?

    I DO! In fact, starting 08/20/2022! All orders (domestic and international) will receive calculated shipping. What does that mean? This means that the cost to ship your order will be added to your total based off the package weight and current USPS shipping rates.

    What is your processing time?

    Please note that processing time is not shipping time. Some things like the made to order shirts need more time as I have to place an order with the wholesalers for the blank shirt and then wait for it to get to me before I design the item and mail it off. This usually takes 5-7 business days. Please see item descriptions for this distinction. 

    Will my item be perfect?

    Although perfection is highly desired, my aim when I create these items is to create them with intention and quality in mind. These are handmade by myself and as such may have small imperfections. Please handle them with care.